The Stunning Photography of 9 Cat Instagrams


from left to right, top to bottom:
@camu_the_casanova, @milkshakitten, @killiscat,
@bostonandzoe, @aya_and_ghost, @onebigfurryfamilyy,
@sunnythesiberiancat, @danniyiu, @mr_fluffybuns

Cat Instagram. As of this posting, there are over 114 million posts tagged #cat, hundreds of articles and blog posts on the best Instagram cats, and feline Instagram stars like Nala, who has 3.4 million followers. And how wonderful this is for those of us who love using the Internet to admire cats. So many stunning felines to ooh and ahh over!


As someone who spends quite a bit of time in the land of Cat Instagram, I regret to report that most of the pictures are lackluster. The photography leaves much to be desired and many of the popular accounts hinge on the cat’s unique physicality alone or gimmicks, such as the dressing up of said cats or the inclusion of I-can-has-cheezburger-esque captions. Whatever happened to maintaining a cat’s dignity, you find yourself asking.

There is hope, however, and to find it, we must look to the photographers who respect their models, who post beautiful, interesting, and varied pictures of the cats they present to the Instagram world. This is the first of a blog series dedicated to these shutterbugs. Here, I share with you nine Instagram accounts, each featuring stunning cat photography. I chose to look only at accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers, an arbitrary number that, to me, feels like a tipping point.

A stunning cat alone doth not a great Instagram make. The photographer determines the quality of an Instagram feed, and in the hands of the right person, a Cat Instagram can change the world. Or at least really brighten your day.

Here they are, the first nine.



CAMU The Casanova @camu_the_casanova

A newer member of the Cat Instagram community, Camu is a 4-month-old Russian Blue residing in Helsinki. Camu’s photographer captures him indoors and out and also photographs Camu’s roommate Leo (@bengal_boy_leo).



Boston (right) and Zoe (left) @bostonandzoe

Boston and Zoe are two Birmans living near Munich with their photographer, the illustrator and graphic designer Barbara von Tannenberg. Boston is a 2008 rescue from Spain while Zoe was adopted in 2010.



Sunny the Siberian Cat @sunnythesiberiancat

Sunny the Siberian is about to turn a year old, and in the eight months since the start of his Instagram, his photographer has posted 460 photos of this fluffy feline.



One big furry family! @onebigfurryfamilyy

This furry family consists of eight rescued cats: Cuddle, Snowball, Mango, Pepper, Maximus, MeekoChan (pictured above), Alexander, and Bub. There are also two dogs, Leonardo and Turtle, who occasionally make an appearance. Their photographer captures them solo and in groups.



Mr Fluffybuns @mr_fluffybuns

Mr Fluffybuns and his photographer Instagram from the Netherlands, where this handsome ginger was adopted from an animal shelter. He appears to reside with his two humans and another feline, who occasionally appear with him in his photos.



Miss Danni @danniyiu

Miss Danni is four years old and lives with her photographer in Toronto, where she often poses picturesquely in fabulous lighting. Her Instagram includes several beautiful shots of meta photography.



Siamese Aya & Bengal Ghost @aya_and_ghost

Aya and Ghost reside in London, and neither is quite a year and a half old yet. They appear to be the best of friends, and their photographer often captures them together. Aya is the beautiful yawner while Ghost often gazes intensely toward the camera.



Milkshake @milkshakitten

Milkshake is one year old and lives in Scotland. She loves tuna. Her photographer captures her throughout the house, from playing the piano to lying in the bathroom sink to pawing at the star on top of the Christmas tree.



Killis @killiscat

Killis lives in Norway, where he appears to spend much of his time outdoors in idyllic landscape. His photographer captures him in every season, often with his canine bestie.


Nine Cat Instagrams with nine talented photographers. Are you following them yet?

To be continued…

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