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Several of my students have recommended Kevin’s English Room. Have you watched their videos?

This Kevin is already familiar to FCC students. Do you have trouble pronouncing the B and V sounds? Kevin can help!

Suggested Dictionary

Longman English-Japanese Dictionary

Listening Practice

Randall’s ESL
Cyber Listening Lab:

Deep English:
Learn English with Stories
The Surprising Benefits of Synchronized Movement
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Voice of America

Everyday Grammar TV:
short videos teaching grammar for learners of American English.

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News Words:
short videos  explaining words or terms used in news stories.

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English in a Minute:
short videos explaining expressions used in American English.

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FCC Class Pages

class pages for Fukuoka Communication Center students
Monday -> In I * LS III * RGW-II
Friday -> Be II * In III * LS V
Saturday -> In I * LS II * RGW-I * RGW-II * RW IV
Sunday -> Be II * In III * LS III * RGW-A * RW V