rainSouthern Storm,” K’in, Issue 1, June 2018
My mother tells me that my emotions are fast and fleeting, altering the constants of calm and content that she understands to be me. I slam doors and I cry, I harm with intention, and I fragment myself to stay intact.

sizeIf I Could Try It On, For Size,” The Drum Literary Magazine, Issue 61, July 2016
If I could try it on, for size, I’d make my face as white as I feel, make my almond eyes a bit rounder, my thick dark hair a bit thinner, lighter, make whatever parts of my face that announce other match the unmistakable Caucasian of my mother.

podcast picA Look at Pittsburgh’s Comedy-Podcast Scene,” Pittsburgh City Paper, April 2016
In the past year, comedy podcasts have grown significantly in popularity, both nationally and worldwide. . . Pittsburgh is no exception.”

roy-wood-jr-interviewA Conversation with Comedian Roy Wood, Jr.,” Pittsburgh City Paper, June 2016
“Frustration has to be earned, it can’t be faked. Look at a guy like Lewis Black — that’s real, that comes from him being on this earth for five decades.”

“Cutting As Weight Loss, Not Amputation: An Interview with Adam Hochschild,” Hot Metal Bridge, December 2014

koinobori“Koinobori,” Twelfth House Journal, September 2015