Cat Photography: Cats With Kids

from left to right, top to bottom:
@makicocomo, @naginekos, @neco193,
@holdenandwinston, @thesproutingimage, @theboythecat

Capturing beautiful photos of cats is difficult enough without adding tiny humans to the mix, but there are Instagrammers out there who attempt it and succeed. In this post, I focus on accounts that have lovely shots of felines with their human kid companions. Although I normally feature nine accounts, there are only six this time, and finding even six was tough. Unlike the other posts in this series, not all of these accounts are exclusive to photos of cats and some have over 10,000 followers. However, the pictures that feature cats and kids are beautiful. Take a look.



1 9 3 @neco193

Gabliel is a Russian Blue residing in Yokohama, Japan. Now two years old, he was the baby until, well, a new baby showed up last year. This is a cat Instagram that occasionally includes a small human. The feline is a handsome Russian Blue with gray fur and green eyes. His photographer captures him throughout their home, a crisp setting which appears impressively clean considering the fact that a human baby lives there.



Samaria Daniel @thesproutingimage

Samaria Daniel is a photographer who captures James the cat and Judah the human, among other creatures and things. James often hangs out either in or beside the crib, both with and without Judah. They live in Bellevue, Washington, and this account features both indoor and outdoor photos. There is also a dog, but that is outside the purview of this blog.



The Boy and The Cat @theboythecat

The Boy and The Cat is a newer Instagram account with the first posts in February being of older photos showing newborn Boy with curious Cat. Their location isn’t shared, but the fun captions are in Russian. (I know they’re fun, thanks to Google Translate.) These two buddies have many adventures together involving a high chair, litter box, windows, and more. The two are, charmingly, matching gingers.



Nagisa Tanaka @naginekos

Nagisa Tanaka’s account features three cats, plants, and kids, but the stars are Maruta (the white and ginger cat) and the 13-month-old tiny girl human, who often appear together. Posting from Japan since 2011, this photographer takes vibrantly colored shots of daily life. I think it might be impossible to look at these photos and not fall in love with Maruta and her little person.



Holden and Winston @holdenandwinston

Holden is a human and Winston is a cat, and they were born just seven weeks apart. (Holden will turn one in August while Holden’s birthday falls in September.) They’re basically brothers and often rough house as siblings tend to do. Holden’s joy and awe over Winston and Winston’s patience with said joy and awe are pretty great to see.




Using a sepia-esque filter, this photographer shows us their home life in Japan with four cats and four human kids. The pictures are beautiful and most feature both cats and tiny humans. makicocomo first posted in 2011, and one can scroll through the photos and watch both sets of babies (feline and human) growing up.


Before I close, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Instagram account that inspired this post. @_kyalotta asks for photos not to be copied so I did not include them here, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not check out these gorgeous photos of cat and tiny humans.

More soon.

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